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I'm a trauma-informed Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and a NLP Practitioner certified in EFT Tapping, TIME techniques, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I'm also obsessed with crystals, carbs, all things self-healing, and I love being in nature.

But, my life wasn't always about helping others heal, in fact I spent years being disconnected from my own body, feeling inadequate and under-appreciated in my work and relationships, and always gave more than I had. Little did I know, I was repeating my coping mechanisms from years of childhood trauma and was living in survival mode.

I was unhealthy, burnt out, miserable, resentful, and chronically cycled between dieting and binge-eating. Eventually my mind and body had enough.

More about my story and my journey to wellness

Why I do what I do

On a spring day in 2016, I had been awaiting ultrasound results to determine why I suddenly had severe abdominal pain that had landed me in the ER twice in one year. Turns out, I had massive ovarian cysts, likely caused by endometriosis. I was told I'd have
to have surgery to keep my ovaries intact, but that would only provide temporary relief as this is no cure for endometriosis.

Leaving my 20's looked liked having surgery that was a just bandaid and left me with chronic pain, feeling frustrated by the Western medical community, and being angry with myself for being hard on my body for so many years. 

I had a realization that whatever I was doing in my life could no longer be my reality; overworking myself, not regulating my stress or emotions, dieting followed by long periods of binge eating - I couldn't maintain this disconnected and dis-regulated way of being and living, something had to change.

I decided to become my own advocate, for my health and well-being because the truth was, no one was going to do it for me and no one was going to "save" me. I had to save myself. So... I did.

In 2018, enrolled in a health coaching program so I could learn how to be my own best advocate for my health and well-being and ended up developing a passion for helping others do the same.

I learned that there was so much more to health than how we ate or moved our bodies and ventured into mindset and subconscious reprogramming as well as nervous system healing. And from all of these methods and experiences, I learned that a) healing isn't a linear journey and b)it's not a one time destination to the top.

Rather it's an active practice of taking daily aligned actions to let go of the behaviors, patterns, and beliefs that we know are no longer serving us. We can let go of the chronic self-sabotage and coping mechanisms that are keeping us stuck from being fully aligned with the life we want and deserveAnd it's time to align with a new reality, one where we get co-create with life rather than feeling victim to it, because it's our birthright.

You deserve to feel confident in mind + body and emotionally resilient - with no extremes involved. It just takes a willingness + some patience and I'd love to show you how.

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Labyrinth sacred geometry veil mantra crafting sorcery favourite crystal pottery mandala secret potion amethyst spell umbrella academy earth sage intuition.

Everything changed when I committed to my healing. Sophia ipsum palo santo painting on the porch crystals yoga flow magical thunderstorm. Unique manifestation lunar.

Labyrinth sacred geometry veil mantra crafting sorcery favourite crystal pottery mandala secret potion amethyst spell umbrella academy earth sage intuition.

Which brings us to this moment right now! Sophia ipsum palo santo painting on the porch crystals yoga flow magical thunderstorm. Unique manifestation lunar fairy.

The Mission of Rachael Bahre LLC is to hold space for, and to witness women become fully expressed in their bodies, minds, and spirits while creating a life beyond limitations.

We guide women through transforming their pain into purpose, helping them learn how to co-create with life, and supporting them with gaining self-trust, autonomy, and ease. 

Our Vision is to help create a world where all women realize their inherent value and freely embody their autonomy, authenticity, creativity, and power.

My Mission + Vision






core Values

We honor ourselves and others through the lens of compassion.




We stand with the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. We do not tolerate discrimination including but not limited to racism, transphobia, xenophobia, fatphobia, sexism, or misogyny.  


Because embodying courage and self-trust is your birth right.


We believe that having support and a community amplifies individual healing and when we thrive as individuals, we thrive as a collective.


People in our community do not need “fixing”. We are in the business of revealing, healing, and celebrating growth and expression.

All Bodies are Good Bodies

We believe all bodies are deserving of kindness, compassion and respect.

Each quarter, Rachael Bahre LLC gives a portion of their proceeds to non-profits or organizations that support our Core Values. We believe in giving back, paying it forward, and that supporting our collective healing is not just important, but is necessary for societal change.

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