Intuitively led healing + grounding sessions to help you step into your power and out into the world with your unique gifts, perspectives, talents, and energy.

Sessions incorporate trauma-informed coaching, subconscious rewiring, intuitive guidance, action steps, and energy shifting to help you step into your most authentic self so you can finally take aligned action!

You may add a Tarot or Oracle card spread to your session, but it is not required to experience the alchemy of EmpowHER.


Are you Feeling lost, out of touch with yourself, directionless, cloudy or simply craving a boost of confidence?

I got you.

I created empowher to support you where you're at.

to help you find your footing again on your path to living your best life.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a healer, a mother, or a woman with a dream-

empowher is meant for you.

It's time to regain your power, Clarity, confidence, and purpose

because sometimes we just need a little nudge to propel us FORWARD

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Intuitively Guided         Subconscious Rewiring         energy Shifting



EmpowHER Journey


One 75-minute virtual healing, rewiring, + empowering session

Follow-up detailed action plan

A recording of session or technique (upon request)

May add a card spread for an additional nominal fee

EmpowHER Hour

Four 60-minute custom sessions conducted on Zoom

Follow-up action plans

Audio OR email accountability support for four weeks

One bonus complimentary card spread (upon request)

Intuitively Guided
Subconscious rewiring
Energy shifting

"I felt so validated.

While we didn't dive deep into my past - The brief moments I did talk about things that really stuck with me since I was young, rachael helped me understand why they caused such an impact on my life today.

I felt seen and heard on a level that no one else has given me."

- Kailee

Other Ways to Work Together

Self Healers Creatrix

Heal to Reveal

For those who crave community on their inner healing journeys, this virtual community opens in Summer 2022.

Deepen your inner healing journey with focused, high-touch 1:1 support for optimum transformation.



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