A self-healing container for creative + intuitively led women

Self-healers Creatrix

are a truth seeker, a RULE-BREAKER, a wisdom holder –

but maybe you also feel as though you’ve lost your way.

You ache to come home to your body, your inner knowing and want to deeply connect with a community of like-minded women who are also embarking on a healing journey.


Imagine connecting with a community of women who get you

In a virtual space of resources, support, and healing

Imagine how supported you could be as you dive deep into your own emotional, SUBCONSCIOUS, and spiritual healing with like-minded women

Is a gathering place for you to learn, connect, grow, and heal regardless of where you are on your healing journey

Self-Healers Creatrix

Healing in this Container leads to

Accessing your body’s innate wisdom

Connecting to and deepening your intuition

Establishing healing rituals + self-care practices that are easy to sustain

Feeling validated in your experience as a human

Exploring creative spiritual practices

Letting go of habits, beliefs, and situations that no longer serve you

Taking charge of your inner healing journey + emotional well-being

Zoom Gatherings with coaching + Healing
special Guest facilitators
Virtual community off social media
A virtual resource library
referral bonuses

Self Healers Creatrix Opens in Summer 2022

What's included

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For those who are just getting started or want a boost on their healing journey with single or packaged sessions.


Deepen your inner healing journey with focused, high-touch 1:1 support for optimum transformation.

Heal to Reveal

We guide women through transforming their pain into purpose, helping them learn how to co-create with life, and supporting them with gaining self-trust, autonomy, and ease. 

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