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an Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and a certified NLP Practitioner. And I love coffee, crystals, and all things carbs.

When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2016, I had a wake up call and realized that I was pushing away unhealed trauma and pain by chronically numbing with food and by over-working, over-giving and over-doing.

I decided try a new path. One that allowed me to rediscover my most authentic, empowered self through healing, coaching, tons of self-compassion and by learning how to help others do the same.

On the blog, I share my best tips and tricks to help you heal and rediscover the most authentic version of you!

I'm Rachael


Do you ever notice yourself spiraling into a whirlpool of negative self-talk, and eventually, you find yourself so deep in self-criticism that saying anything kind to yourself feels painful? In this week’s post, I show you how to go from living in constant self-criticism to self-compassion by asking yourself one simple question. Take a moment […]

This One Question Will End Your Negative Thought Spiral for Good

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