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an Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and a certified NLP Practitioner. And I love coffee, crystals, and all things carbs.

When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2016, I had a wake up call and realized that I was pushing away unhealed trauma and pain by chronically numbing with food and by over-working, over-giving and over-doing.

I decided try a new path. One that allowed me to rediscover my most authentic, empowered self through healing, coaching, tons of self-compassion and by learning how to help others do the same.

On the blog, I share my best tips and tricks to help you heal and rediscover the most authentic version of you!

I'm Rachael


If you’re scrolling today and notice your feed flooded with people celebrating and honoring their mothers and it’s triggering pain, sadness, or grief within you – it’s okay. It’s okay to feel loss instead of joy, pain instead of love, or grief instead of gratitude. It’s okay if your Mother’s Day looks like self-nurturing rather […]

Three Healing Prompts for Mother’s Day

Inner Healing

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